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Bereavement support at work

At Dad Still Standing, we believe in the power of understanding and support, especially in the workplace, where the impact of baby loss is often overlooked. Our bespoke training workshops are designed to foster a supportive environment for dads dealing with the profound grief of baby loss.


Why Focus on Dads?

Baby loss is a deeply personal tragedy, and its impact on fathers is frequently underestimated. Dads often feel the need to be strong for their partners or to maintain a façade of normalcy at work, which can lead to suppressed emotions and unresolved grief. Our workshops aim to break down these barriers, encouraging understanding and support in the professional sphere.

What We Offer

Our training workshops are tailored to the needs of your organisation, ensuring a sensitive and impactful learning experience. Here's what we offer:


Understanding Grief

We explore the complex nature of grief, especially in the context of baby loss, helping your team understand the emotional challenges that bereaved fathers face.


Communication skills

We provide practical advice on how to approach and converse with someone who has experienced baby loss, ensuring that colleagues are equipped with the right words and attitudes.


Creating a supportive environment

Learn how to foster a workplace culture that is empathetic and inclusive, enabling dads to feel supported during their difficult times.


Policy development

Assistance in developing or refining company policies to support employees dealing with baby loss, ensuring they have the time and space they need.


Long term strategies

Guidance on how to offer sustained support to bereaved dads, acknowledging that grief is not a linear process and requires ongoing understanding.

Our approach

Our workshops are interactive, combining expert-led discussions, real-life case studies, and practical exercises. They are not just informative but also empathetic and respectful, acknowledging the sensitivity of the subject.

Who can benefit

Our workshops are suitable for:

  • HR Professionals

  • Team Leaders and Managers

  • Support Staff

  • Colleagues and Peers of Bereaved Dads

Get in touch

To find out more about our training workshops or to arrange a session for your company, please contact us. Together, we can create a more understanding and supportive workplace for dads dealing with the heartbreak of baby loss.


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