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As a team, we work incredibly hard to support as many dads as possible. Through both the podcast and also providing advice and guidance when dads, mums, partners, family, and friends reach out to Dad Still Standing. We do this alongside our full-time jobs and this from time to time can be quite difficult. 

We also fund the website, podcast equipment, creative equipment, and hosting fees ourselves out of our own pockets. We do this because we knew it was important to help as many dads as possible and it wasn't being done elsewhere.

We would LOVE to grow the podcast. To reach new parts of the country and to help even more dads. We also want to expand the website and further our offer to dads and their families who often have nowhere to turn. 

If you would like to be part of that journey and support the podcast we are looking for corporate sponsors and would like to hear from you. Please drop us a message below.


If you aren't from a corporate but would still like to show your support you can donate to the podcast via this link or using the button below.  

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