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Liam looking at camera with a microphone

I never really knew I would become an expert in something - and then it became baby loss support for fathers. 

My wife and I, lost our daughter, Paloma, during childbirth at 41 weeks. I can remember clearly how long and how dark our world became. How we struggled to stay together as a family and how lonely it felt. Bereavement is horrible - it hurts.

If you're going through this as well, you've come to the right place. We hope the podcast and resources will help.

Setting up this podcast with Matt and providing bereavement support for dads felt like a new beginning and it's something I continue to enjoy.

Matt looking into camera with microphone

“I’m sorry there’s no heartbeat!” 

That’s it, those are the words that ended the old normal, and set me on the path to find my new normal. 

That path has had bumps along the way, together my wife and I have suffered 5 losses in 5 years. 
Suffering the losses and realising there wasn’t much out there for Dads made me determined to create something positive out of the negative.  With that in mind I set up the DadStillStanding socials, but to be honest I didn’t have a scooby about that world or how to grow it and reach as many Dads as possible. 

My journey brought me to the football team for Dads the mighty FC Vilomah, it’s here I met Liam and after a brief conversation after training one night the DadStillStanding Podcast was born.

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