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Liam and Matt standing infront of a microphone

Matt Dearsley and Liam Preston, two dads from Essex talking all things baby loss. Brutally Honest, raw, light-hearted and we’d like to think, at times, funny. 

Neither of us are as cool as we like to think. 
When it comes to talking about baby loss. No topic is off-limits, if talking about it helps just one Dad navigate their grief then you bet we’ll tackle it.

We set up the Dad Still Standing podcast as something for the Dads that have lost by Dads that have lost. We wanted it to be a point of reference for Dads to turn to, a safe place for them to realise that however hard they’re finding things that they will get through it and find their new normal, and be happy. 

"I’ve lost two babies one this year and one in 2020 and this podcast helped tremendously. They are real and authentic. They give good advice and it’s nice to hear Dads talk about this. I would highly recommend it."

Redproject, Apple Review

"There is a huge amount of valuable information packed into this podcast for dads who have suffered losses. Thank you for sharing and being so open about what must have been an incredibly traumatic experience. I found it interesting to learn that men and women grieve in different ways at different times and how this can put a strain on the relationship. Keep them coming!"

Hubbs2, Apple Review

"One podcast down and I’m hooked! Grief, mental health, men, pregnancy and baby loss. Whether you are able to talk, or not, this is worth a listen! I need to support the men in my life and in doing that I need to listen and provide a forum and environment for them to speak ... well done to you both! Am ready for the next episodes!"

Katie, Apple Review

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